Ep. 1 The Setting

The latest Unshackled production Wilms Front premiered tonight live on the show’s new dedicated channel. I begin by setting the scene about how WilmsFront episodes will be formatted, and what to expect.

Live Replay


Show Description

Then I get straight into a brief analysis of what is in the news cycle right now. Three Australians are currently imprisoned in Iran. Liberal MP Gladys Liu’s alleged Chinese Communist Party connections have plagued the Morrison Government all week. There’s been another rally against the legislative bill in NSW to legalize abortion up until birth. Disgraced CFMEU union official John Setka has unleashed a vile spray against the Senate crossbench. Plus drug testing welfare recipients is still on the government’s agenda.

The first in-depth topic of the night is the Democratic presidential primary candidates in the United States. My analysis is based on the third round of primary debates. The candidate I support is Tulsi Gabbard as she is anti-war, pro-America anti-Saudi Arabia. I share my theory about how she can become President.

A new drama film is being released called ‘Cuck’. It tells the story of a white man who loses his job and becomes a white nationalist alt-right blogger. Although intended to demonize the alt-right it actually shows how unemployment and economic decadence is unhealthy for society no matter what race it affects.

In an era of corporate virtue signalling and big tech information stealing and manipulation, I share my favourite corporation: Apple. It values its customers’ privacy, has limited censorship and has created jobs in its home country the United States.

You will soon be able to catch WilmsFront on Rational Rise TV, and your preferred podcasting platform. See you next show on Wednesday night at 7 pm Melbourne time.

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