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Wilms Front is a live fast-paced news and information internet show hosted by Tim Wilms and is an Unshackled and Rational Rise TV production. It is broadcast live from Melbourne, Australia Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm local time on the Tim Wilms YouTube and Dlive channels. It is also available on Bitchute and your favourite podcasting platform. Explore all the ways to connect with the show and the host down below.

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Wilms Front is just one of many shows in the Australian alt-media committed to bringing you the truth about news, without any censorship from above.

Report from Tiger Mountain

Report from Tiger Mountain

with Richard Wolstencroft
Uncuckables Square

The Uncuckables

Produced by The Unshackled, XYZ and Rational Rise TV

XYZ Live

with Matty Rose and David Hiscox

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WilmsFront is part of The Unshackled's regular production and broadcast schedule. Our output is only made possible through the financial support of our followers. To support the WilmsFront program The Unshackled has a presence on all the major crowdfunding platforms. Plus our own premium membership program which comes with member perks.

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About Me


I founded The Unshackled in September 2016. I observed that there underdeveloped alt-media presence in Australia, and the people deserved to hear news that the mainstream media wasn’t interested in covering.

With the experience of observing and participating in the Australian political process for over decade, myself and my team knew who are audience were from the start.

Since our beginning as a simple blog The Unshackled has now grown to become Australia's biggest alternative News Media Outlet producing written, audio-visual and interacting content.

After previously producing and hosting the The Unshackled’s flagship podcast Waves for three years I have now undertaken my biggest project yet.

I now bring our growing audience Wilms Front, a new fast paced news and information live show designed to keep truth seekers up to speed with news cycle.

I also co-host two other co-produced Unshackled productions Trad Tasman Talk live every Friday night and The Uncuckables live Tuesday and Thursday evenings.