Cinema like everything else in the current year is now political. Hollywood is now more explicit about pushing its worldview. On Friday’s WilmsFront with a night at the movies on people’s minds I catch up with Melbourne’s most red-pilled film buff Richard Wolstencroft to explore the politico-Hollywood complex.

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Many on the dissent right had taken the black pill this year believing there was no hope in fighting back against the state, elites, globalists media, left and cuckservatives.

But now many are now taking the white pill encouraged by the achievements of the Groyper Army Advances demolishing conservative inc, plus the Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself online meme resulted in some new revelations in pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

I provide the comprehensive summary of these exhilarating new developments with The Unshackled’s Brisbane Reporter Martin Hartwig on the mid-week edition of WilmsFront.

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